Counseling System


Counseling System for Central Selection Committee Engineering & Technology (CST – ET) West Bengal.

The Central selection committee is a body who look after the admission process of all Technological University and Engineering colleges of the state. The admission process is for 57 University/ Institution for 18000 seats. The CSC used to call 500 candidates each day (upto 45000 candidates) and distribute the seats to the rank holders the program used to continue for 2 and half months to process 45000 candidates. The system was a single entry system thru one computer and the candidate used to appear in the chronological order of the rank. This involves the time, cost, and effort to continue the system consistently.

The system which is currently developed for CSC is a real time admission process where the admission can take place thru multiple system at a time by lower rank cannot overlap higher rank holder. With the new system CSC have been able to conduct the admission process at science city auditorium with in 19 days to process 45000 rank holders. The data is also updated at the website with in 15 minutes interval

Technology Used:

  • Operating System Windows 2000 with mirror server
  • Database: Sql Server
  • Front end: Visual Basic.
  • Web technologies: Web server Linux, Database mysql, Prog. Tools .php

Team size:

  • Programming team 4 persons
  • Implementation team: 25 persons.

Development time:

  • 15 days


"We really appreciate and admire their commitment in maintaining and updating our web site daily basis. We are highly satisfied with their technology, aesthetics and co-ordination with various departments and supports." -
Prof. Dipak Sengupta - Chairman (Web Committee) Bengal Engineering and Science University, Sibpur.

"We found them to handle the work very professionally with utmost satisfaction. We wish them all the success"-
Dr. Pradip K. Ghosh – Registrar Jadavpur University, Kolkata"

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