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Assisting renowned education sectors of the Country with the Top-performing College, university and School Management System

Education is the pillar of society and a social process to grow as well. No country can attain the fulfilment of the growth process without advanced educational backing. An advanced educational system should get supported by a high-performing College, university and school management system.

We help various reputed academic institutions (school/college/B-schools) to manage their curriculums and operations with the master education management system. Our services include- All-in-one ERP, Hardware integration, ISO 27001 data software integration, Online admission, Log maintenance, Payroll & finance management, HR management, Website builder, Bio-metric & RFID solution, GPS tracking and other related education sector services.

An educational management system is an integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that meets the diverse academic requirements of academic institutions. Let’s dig deeper and explore how the adoption of an active school management software can revolute the big picture-

Admission Management System

Regardless of the size and curriculum, every academic institution needs a flawless Admission Management System. We offer a solution to this humongous task by streamlining the entire process with software automation. This is a network-driven system which can be accessed anywhere 24*7. This complete process is divided into 3 basic modules-

  • Administrator
  • User/Applications
  • System

With the increasing number of students every year more and more government and private academic institutions are opting for ‘Online Admission System’. The objective is to automate the admission structure and associated functionalities.

Special Features of our Software:

  • Calculation of the reservation numbers as per GOI norms.
  • Preparation and calculation student admission criteria
  • Generation of section and merit list in a fraction of moment.
  • Registration of multiple entries and connections.
  • Totally customizable.

Database Management System

When it comes to University, College or school management system the software needs to be essentially capable of fusing every data channel deriving from sources in a manifold. Our database management system can handle, analyse, repair, and optimize the operation of the robust database of school/colleges and B-schools.

With SCSPL integrated database software track, store student records including their fee submission details. Our aim is to ease up school, college, University or any other Educational body’s administrative tasks and make it accurate and spotless. The system is developed by advanced customized technologies as per client requirement to create an impactful user interface.

OMR Solution

Government job aspirants are well-versed with the term ‘OMR’. However, OMR management doesn’t test your eyes and nerves like the sheet itself. OMR management includes a comprehensive mechanism starting from preparing OMRs to combing the qualms and of course the final selection.

This complete process is advanced technology driven. It was first introduced in 1960 and till date it’s widely popular in the educational backdrop. At SCSPL we offer reliable OMR solution with Smart Reader software which enables with effortless OMR scanning. The software also exports filtered data into Excel format. Using this software result can be broadcast through SMS and portal. It supports any entrance format.

Online Exam Solution

There are many entrances as well as job recruitment exams are held online these days. SCSPL builds dynamic exam software which automates the exam process throughout. The mechanism consists of registration of students, creating question papers, uploading them in place, storing answers, and finally the result declaration.

Our innovative software expedites exam process and makes the evaluation straightforward for various competitive exams. It helps in setting question papers and its secured cloud storage. Our motto is to aid and boost the internet-based education system. Active participation in the educational system of the country makes team SCSPL extremely proud and profound.

Library Management System

Imagine software keeps the power to control and monitor the entire library book racks along with the entries. We have designed such kinetic software for managing giant libraries of schools and colleges the entire asset collection, subscription profiles along with the check-in/out details.

Installation of the software not only moots an advanced operation but also maintains the entire working clock exceptionally. And, the best part is being cloud-based software this can be operated from everywhere, anytime.


Student Management System

Starting from admission to pass out an institution needs a compact and flawless student management system. A powerful yet supple student info management system has to be accessible from anywhere anytime.

Our software provides with 360° student data management cloud-hosted software which is handy and easy-to-ease.



ERP in Education Sector

ERP in College, university or school management system owns the capability to revolute the entire academic picture. The software manages the A-Z process of school/colleges spick and span and it is set to open a bigger learning horizon for the future generation. The software can also be accessed offline.

The campus automotive software developed with advanced asp.NET, php, java script, html and css; whereas the backend has been up and run on SQL SERVER, MS ACCESS, and ORACLE.

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