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So you finally figured your need a way to automatically mark exams or surveys? You may have already read about OMR (short for Optical Mark Recognition or Optical Mark Reading) which is the process of computerized imaging equipment detecting marks made on paper forms used.

OMR is not a new technology; it has become widely used since the 1960s. The 1990s introduced a lot of changes in both the cost of and features associated with OMR. Notably, the ’90s sawed the adoption of OMR software over the traditional OMR reader. While they both achieve the same basic purpose, OMR reader solutions are completely different from OMR software/scanner solutions. You should be well informed of what the differences are before making a decision to purchase one or the other.

OMR Readers

Once an extremely expensive machine, the OMR reader has become much cheaper over the years and is now quite affordable for most organizations. The most important point for people to remember with OMR readers is that they are NOT image scanners. OMR readers consist of a number of LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes), often 40-50 of them which shine reflected beams of light toward forms passed through them at a timed speed. The reflection of this light helps sensors in the OMR reader determine if marks have been placed in the form’s “bubbles”. Most OMR readers read forms that are professionally printed and contain “timing tracks” that assist the reader in determining which row of bubbles the machine is reading. OMR readers can also have adaptors for barcode detection to help assist in the automation process of matching form responses to their responder.

OMR Reader Pros

  • OMR readers can have the ability to have separate hoppers for automatically rejected forms.
  • You can pack more bubbles into an OMR reader form than one read by OMR software as most OMR software applications use silhouette extraction and are sensitive to closely located objects.
  • Faster when compared to low-end document scanners.

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