• 10ES4 Mani casadona International IT HUB Kolkata, India
  • 2021

    Mobile and desktop application “Pilgrim Transport Management System” for prestigious Gangasagar Mela 2021.
    This app is developed first time in the country to operate a vessel on nautical route in zero visibility. The main challenge was there were no nautical routes were available in Google maps. Each year approx 4.5 pilgrim visit this place. The challenge was they have to commute by vessel over ganges which is about 7 km to cross the river. But the vessel cannot move out of dressing area else it will stuck while the vessel face extreme difficulty in fog. When it is fogg the transport operation have to suspended and no transport facility is available. In such case the pilgrim have to wait under the open air in a extreme cold weather over night.
    By tendering process of District Magistrate of South 24 Pgs West Bengal India SCS awarded by order for the above work implimentation of solution with artificial intelligence.
Problem Identification
Team SCS first Identified the Dressing area or route made by the Irrigation department. And identified the GPS coordinates from one side to another. According to that we put lines which is attached with google map. We made three plus three lines to indicate a middle portion and the first line is green (means safe to go, 2nd line is yellow (means the vessel is entering in the risk zone ) the third line is red (means the vessel is operating absolutely danger zone) Our app is developed for the vessel driver who is able to watch the route and operate accordingly. The control panel for the admin section who can what the movement of the vessel and at any time the can communicate with the vessel operator also .
  • 2018
    SCS’s Turning Point
    In 2018, SCS shifted its new office to Newtown Kolkata, India, the heart of the IT Hub; just beside TCS, Cognizant Technologies and other IT major companies. These companies are far big compared to SCS. But SCS still ready to take challenge and accept the difficult projects whether it’s BIG DATA, ERP or even development of dynamic website. Today about 150+ young talent work with SCS. We have spread almost every state of INDIA. In the year 2018, SCS was awarded by INDIA 500 as “Most promising IT Company” then in 2019; SCS received INDIA ICON AWARD by Blindwink.