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Silver Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. excels in plumbing design, including drawings for the
water supply network, seepage network, sewage system structure, and storm water network.
Our advanced automation software enables us to create MEP designs and precise
bill of quantities (BOQ)that meticulously adhere to the
Local Building Codes
Drainage piping
Ensure free flow of water throughout the building with our accurate drainage layouts and designs.
Water Supply
Customize water collection, treatment, and distribution systems to meet your building's specific needs.
Bill of Quantites
We provide a detailed plumbing(BOQ) specifying the optimum quantity and quality of pipes, fixtures, water faucets, and more.
Vertical stake piping
Plumbing wall elevations
Product recommendations
Facilitate easy monitoring and access to water outlets and pipes with our comprehensive water schematics diagram.
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