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Experience sustainable control of the building's internal environment with our meticulously
designed Heating,  Ventilation,   and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems.   Our refrigeration (R)
systems efficiently produce chilled water, which is then piped to air handling units, providing
cool air for optimal ventilation.   At Silver  Consultancy  Services, our exclusive automation
software ensures  MEP designs and precise  bill of quantities (BOQ) that adhere to the
Local Building Code
Air conditioning
Design, Calculation and Drafting
Air cooling & exhaust layouts
Chilled water / VRV / VRF system design
Copper Piping
Meticulously crafted, aesthetically pleasing copper piping layout for building heating and refrigerant systems.
Ducting layouts
Maximize comfort, air quality, and cost-efficiency with our optimal ducting layout for superior interior conditions..
Chiller plans
Experience comfort with captivating chiller designs, utilizing chilled water for superior air conditioning and heat removal.
Our Schematics diagram used to illustrate the elements of a system at an abstract level.
Bill of Quantities
Unleash detailed HVAC/R (BOQ) for optimal chillers, pipes, ducts, achieving performance and cost-effectiveness.
Product recommendations
Customized project recommendations for ultimate customer satisfaction and improved user experience.
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