• 10ES4 Mani casadona International IT HUB Kolkata, India
Elevating stakeholder safety and security is our top priority. Experience our innovative designs
for comprehensive safety, security, and communication systems, meticulously crafted to monitor,
regulate, and proactively mitigate potential threats to building occupants.
At Silver Consultancy Services,our exclusive automation software ensures MEP designs and precise
bill of quantities (BOQ) that fully comply with the Local Building Codes
Together, let's build a secure future.
CCTV Wiring
Maximize field of view with smart CCTV placement throughout the building for a comprehensive surveillance solution
WiFi Wiring
Reliable WiFi wiring layout offers wide coverage and easy access for seamless connectivity at your fingertips
Telephone Wiring
Experience seamless communication with our captivating telephone wiring, connecting users inside and outside the building effortlessly. Stay connected, anywhere.
Data Wiring

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Bill of quantities
Optimize safety and security with our detailed BOQ, identifying quality equipment needed for enhanced protection at cost-efficient levels.
Challenges are just opportunities in disguise. Take the challenge!