• 10ES4 Mani casadona International IT HUB Kolkata, India
  • Procedure of work Phase 1

    Conceptual working
    • • Study of input drawings & questionnaires shared for getting all answers before beginning work to clarify all queries

    • • Selection of appropriate design in consultation with the architects and other consultants

    • • Preparation & Submission of conceptual drawings including the scheme of designs – conceptual routing, capacity & sizes, space planning – shaft placement to avoid elevation alteration in later stage, DB, panel & meter room placement, tank locations STP, UG Tanks, OH Tanks, Plumbing Plant Room, Substation, DGSets, HVAC Plant RoomSubstations, panel rooms, backup system (DG, UPS), transformers, etc.

    • • Preparation of preliminary DBR, outlining the system design and approximate costs, for budgetary purposes

  • Procedure of work Phase 2

    Detail working
    • • Preparation of detailed design & DBR after approval of the preliminary DBR

    • • Providing information and drawings, wherever required. To enable architects/project managers to leave necessary and suitable provisions in the building during design and construction

    • • Preparation of detailed project drawings.

    • • Preparation of tender documents and Bill of quantities, as required, for obtaining a quotation

    • • Site visits as required

  • Procedure of work Phase 3

    GFC (Good for construction) / coordinated drawings
    • • Scrutiny of offers and assistance in selecting the most appropriate offer by submitting a Comprehensive Report to the architects/owners

    • • Preparation of GFC

    • • Approval of contractors shop drawings and materials

    • • Checking the progress of work and ensuring materials used and workmanship are as per specifications

    • • Supervising the final testing of the whole system as well as individual equipments